A Fascinating Journey with Andrew Jobling

I recently enjoyed catching up with Andrew Jobling. This journey took us down memory lane, reflecting on our first meeting and my multifaceted career spanning various industries. From my roots in applied biology to motor mechanics, working with one of Australia’s top car racing teams, running my automotive machinist workshop, martial arts instructor, and eventually finding my passion in personal training and nutrition, it has been quite an adventure!

As we delved into my career as a personal trainer, I shared insights into my coaching journey, working with competitors, high-profile athletes, Olympians, and the general population alike. While functional training has always been a critical focus, I have consistently highlighted the vital role of nutrition as the common denominator for success.

We spoke about the prevalence of fad diets that have captured the attention of bodybuilders and the general population. I shared my belief in adopting a whole food approach to nutrition, highlighting the importance of consuming diverse whole foods. A saying close to my heart regarding nutrition is, “With simplicity, there is so much complexity”. 

We also touched upon the common tendency to unquestioningly follow the advice of General Practitioners (GPs) regarding nutrition despite their lack of specialised expertise in this area. We considered the importance of nutritional solutions, with whole foods as the cornerstone of well-being, rather than relying solely on medications.

To wrap up our conversation, we discussed bread, exploring which types benefit our health. Additionally, I shared my top picks for fatty foods that can be incorporated into a balanced diet and the importance of omega three fatty acids, demonstrating that not all fats are created equal.

It was a pleasure reconnecting with Andrew and sharing our perspectives on health, wellness, and the importance of a well-rounded approach to nutrition and fitness. As always, the journey towards optimal health is multifaceted, requiring a blend of knowledge, curiosity, and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom. Here’s to embracing a holistic approach to well-being that celebrates the power of whole foods and mindful choices!

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The Wellness Puzzle

With the high demands of life and the rush of fast-paced living, our bodies and minds are filled with deadlines, stress, anxiety and nervous energy. You can make order out of the chaos of your life.

The Wellness Puzzle outlines seven core pieces of life’s puzzle to promote real change and create a longer, happier, healthier version of life, along with sharing powerful messages of motivation.

Through the right thinking, positive emotions, deliberate actions and healthy habits, optimal well-being is more than just a hope it is an exciting reality for anyone who is willing to make it happen.