The N90 Program

N90 is a bespoke food plan formulated to improve your health and well-being by taking an analytical approach to the individual’s daily routine via an in-depth lifestyle questionnaire. N90’s programme is unique in its design as the questionnaire overviews many aspects of one’s lifestyle, body composition and blood work analysis.

The information that is gathered is managed through a scientifically accredited VENA formula. With the combination of this formula and over 25 years of practical experience on what works in real-world scenarios, a customised 90-day nutritional program is developed. The program takes the person through a user-friendly system that explains what foods should be eaten and what quantities are needed to provide the foundation for optimal health.

N90 is wholly focused on improving your health and well-being, combating disease by enhancing your immune system, whilst assisting you in your weight loss journey. N90 is managing your body to begin the transition in becoming metabolically flexible over 90 days. N90 can genuinely state that the majority of participants adhering to the programme will significantly improve their health at a cellular level, find an increase in energy levels, and positively address some common metabolic diseases.

Perry Venakis

Perry Venakis is a Nutritionist (BAppSc. MastersNutr), Diabetes educator, Personal Trainer and lecturer within the health industry and is currently researching longevity nutrition.

He has been involved in the sporting and health community for over four decades, delivered lectures throughout Australia, and coached or trained thousands of individuals from age groups ranging from 7 years old to 89 years old, both in Australia and internationally. 

Perry genuinely cares about people’s well-being and how simple lifestyle and nutrition changes can add years of good health to one’s life, rather than wasting it being sick or bedridden.

The focus on nutrition and health comes from his experiences with his parents and how their lives changed for the better by altering their food intake.

Perry Venakis – Founder & CEO

Perry likes to keep it all simple whilst dissecting and delivering the latest groundbreaking scientific research in nutrition. His infectious personality and vast knowledge of nutrition captivate you from the moment he starts talking about food in a practical and easy-to-understand manner that resonates with his target audience. Thousands have benefited from his advice, methodology, and lectures as they change their understanding and knowledge of nutrition with his guidance.

Perry’s down-to-earth approach to creating healthier humans through the concept of Raw Nutrition has now been channelled into an award-breaking system known as N90, making this system easily accessible to the public and leading the way in creating a healthier Australia one person at a time.