N90 ‘s approach to health, well-being, longevity and quality of life comes from the ideology that quality nutrition, food with low to no human interference, is the foundation for humanity to evolve with minimal disease and physical dysfunction. 

Nutrition, which focuses on high-quality nutrients not laden with chemicals, excess salt and sugars and foods that are not heavily processed, will supply the human body with the optimal energy source at a cellular level. 

This energy source allows the body to move efficiently,  for the brain to function effectively, and for the immune system to be at peak performance levels.

One of the concerns for N90 is muscle atrophy as we age, known as sarcopenia. This muscle atrophy leads to one becoming frail and is the component that leads to early mortality. N90 focuses on ensuring that each nutrition plan supplies quintessential quantities of macronutrients to help reduce the effects of sarcopenia.  

The increasing prevalence of metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, has increased worldwide, with Australia following suit. N90 addresses this commonly occurring syndrome by correcting your nutrition and applying this as the first stage in combating metabolic disease. The carefully formulated system takes one through a scientifically controlled program that creates the forefront in becoming metabolically flexible. This flexibility, the ability to use either carbohydrates or fats as a fuel source, has been scientifically documented to be the healthiest way of living.

The N90 philosophy is about improving the quality of life for all Australians. The program prioritises your health and longevity rather than simply looking at weight loss.