Apart from nutrition, what else can I do to improve my well-being?

N90 focuses on food as being your foundation in optimising your health. You can do other things to create vitality once your nutrition is proper. These are just some recommendations, and it is entirely up to the individual’s life situation to determine which, if any, of these simple recommendations you would like to take on board.

Our favourite one is sleep. Get a good night’s sleep to help revitalise yourself. The next one is simply moving, getting out and getting that step count happening. Lift some heavy stuff. Join a gym or do a home workout. Anything suitable for you have some resistance training in your life. Pamper yourself and get a massage, and do some meditation. Avoid any form of computer, phone or tv screens at least 30 min before bed.

Be part of the community, do some group activities and have fun. Just because you are older does not mean you need to sit in a rocking chair and watch your life fly by. You are older, so you know how to enjoy yourself. You have life experience, so use it to your advantage.