Do fat burners really work?

N90 stance on fat burners is simple. There are no legitimate fat burners available over the counter. The pills and potions you can buy, the powders that make miracle claims on fat loss, are all manipulation of information and fantastic marketing skills.

N90 can list so many of these that are not fat-burning agents, but all have a high dose of some form of stimulant, such as caffeine. These stimulants do just that, stimulate your sympathetic nervous system that directly acts as an appetite suppressant. A simple rule of thumb is that if you don’t eat food, then you will lose weight. Sounds like a great idea. But you are not just dropping fat. You are also losing muscle, which impacts your basal metabolic rate, so once you start to eat normal quantities again, you will stack on more fat than before, and your weight will creep up. The next time, you will struggle to lose the fat you have gained, and with time and repeated cycles, you keep getting fatter and heavier, leading to metabolic diseases.

N90 golden rule, eat more food to lose body fat and stay metabolically healthy. Let us teach you how