Do I need to supplement?

The answer is yes and no. Confused? Just like many thousands are. Marketing and media drum in how many pills and potions we need to live a healthy life. Many of N90’s clients have shown us the long list of supplements they take per day and some, in addition to prescribed medications. When asked why the answer is similar, they saw an advertisement or heard some influencer on social media talk about the excellent benefits of taking these. The ability to manipulate people into believing they need these supplements is quite daunting.

N90 works within scientific or government guidelines when recommending supplements such as vitamin D. The only time N90 would advise taking a supplement is after you have been correctly diagnosed as having some form of deficiency. N90 prefers to start with correcting your eating habits and then reassessing to see if there is a need to supplement.

 N90 has had some fantastic success stories just by altering food groups, and after being reassessed, the results showed no need for supplementation.