From dinner to breakfast, is this enough time to fast?

Time-restricted eating (TRE) has been discussed amongst many health professionals. There have been various positive health implications, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing visceral fat ( the bad stuff around your organs) from following these guidelines. How long we should be eating and how long we should be fasting before the next meal has been in research for many years.

N90’s opinion is based on some of the latest research, and they would like to see people eating within a 10-hour window. For example, have breakfast at 8.00 am and your last meal, dinner, at 6.00 pm. This concept works perfectly in an ideal world, but life and responsibilities come into action, and we may need help to follow the TRE of 10 hours. So what do you do?

Do your best and try having breakfast and dinner close to the 10-hour window. For example, dear John has breakfast at 7.30 am before he drops off his children at school and heads to work. He gets home by 6.15 pm and will not have dinner by 6.30 pm. In the past, John would get home, do some more emails for work, relax on the couch and then have dinner around 8.30 pm. He found that this life hack of eating earlier has helped him sleep better and lose some weight.