How much food should I be eating?

This comment is one of the most common questions N90 is asked during the programme’s first stage. Portion size and weighing all your food are not essential at this stage. What is very important is that you learn what food you need to eat, not how much. Every stage you complete is a process, a small step towards the outcome of you being metabolically flexible. Each stage creates a foundation for the next stage, so it is imperative that you follow these stages accurately and that you use these building blocks to build a wall of well-being.

So how much should you eat? One of the golden rules at N90 is that you eat enough food to the point you can’t taste the flavour anymore. Chew it slowly. Take your time. Be in a calm environment. Eat at the dining table, not in front of the TV. The critical point is not to overeat or feel so full that you are falling into a food coma.

If you’re excessively hungry by the end of the day, pan the following day to eat more food the next day. Or if you are feeling quite full and bloated, eat less the next day. Find a happy medium where you are eating to a point you feel content.

N90 would like you to keep track of the amount of food you consume, as this would be a great comparison to the food we recommend you eat in the next stage.