Why we limit or avoid coffee

N90 prefers that you have no or limited amounts of coffee during the 90 days. A simple detoxification process to give your nervous system a chance to settle down. Not getting too technical, but one part of your nervous system is designed to speed things up in your body, such as your heart rate or breathing, known as the sympathetic nervous system. Coffee and its constituents are known to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

¬†When this part of your nervous system is stimulated for prolonged periods or at the wrong time of the day, your nervous system may disrupt digestion, appetite, or sleep cycle. Everyone knows the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Just as valid as having a desire and wanting to eat the food that N90 has prescribed.

Missing meals and the associated reduction in protein intake leads to a condition known as sarcopenic obesity, the ‘skinny fat’ person with low muscle density in relation to the accumulated fat.