N90 philosophy on nutrition and how to combat metabolic disease

Unfortunately, metabolic disease and dysfunction flourished throughout Australia, especially over the last few decades. The overconsumption of ultra-processed food, the consistent overindulgence of calories, and then adding excessively high sugar and sodium consumption hidden within these foods have led to the expansion of this epidemic. Combine this with little or no movement and low energy expenditure. Then we have an energy surplus that is not utilised and will create inflammatory diseases via numerous pathways within our bodies.

N90 scientifically will try and reverse this diseased state by fuelling the human environment with nutrient-dense food allowing the body to begin the process of rebuilding. This food intake stimulates the body’s rehabilitation process and efficiently uses the ‘clean’ fuel you have supplied to bring your body back to good health and well-being. N90 nutrition criteria are the solid foundation for creating an optimal health environment.