Prevention is better than cure.

I am slower, my back hurts, or maybe I have brain fog and cannot remember your name, but this is due to me getting older. WRONG! N90 regards comments like these as blame-shifting and not accepting responsibility to act on keeping your health and wellness at optimum levels.

Lethargy creeps up on you over the years. Putting on belly fat creeps up on you over the years. Type 2 diabetes creeps up on you over the years. Hopefully, you can see a pattern here. The way to combat this is not to accept that being unwell is normal. Like your car, you take it in for regular servicing and get it tuned for optimum performance. The same attitude should be taken regarding maintaining and tuning your body for optimal wellness.

It all begins with what you put in your mouth. N90 has to be that starting point in turning your life around and making you feel better than when you were younger. You are older and wiser, and now you have the information to guide you back on track. Prevention is better than cure, so congratulate yourself for taking a big step in prioritising your health.