Scrambled Eggs with Spinach & Avo





Olive oil

  • consult your plan for personalised quantity


  1. Crack your egg into a small bowl.

  2. Add a tablespoon of water ( this will help make them fluffy). 

  3. Beat the eggs with love until the mix is an even texture. 

  4. Add oil to your pan and heat it. 

  5. Pour your mix into the hot pan and wait. 

  6. Once you see it start to firm up, turn the heat to low and keep wiping the pan with a scapula (preferably wooden) so as not to let the eggs burn on the base.

  7. Keep on top of this and wipe the base until your eggs are nearly all cooked. 

  8. Whilst they are still moist, remove them from the pan as they will keep cooking with mild heat. 

  9. Onto the plate, they go.

Add your avocado and spinach any way you like to prepare them.

Seasoning for flavour

  • Add some Celtic salt and black pepper to your eggs
  • Dice up some chives or add a sprig of rosemary over your eggs