What is skinny fat? And is it bad for you?

‘Skinny fat’ refers to a person that does not have much muscle but has a more significant amount of fat for their body shape. They do not look large, but there is no muscle tone or density. The scientific interpretation of this is known as sarcopenic obesity.

As we age, we tend to increase fat and lose muscle. This process is not a favourable condition as you become weaker due to a lack of muscle. Your muscles attach to your bones, so if there is reduced tension on the bone, this will lead to a decrease in bone density. You are getting weaker, and your bones are more susceptible to breaks or fractures. A simple fall could lead to a life-threatening bone fracture, a widespread occurrence among older adults.

N90 supplies you with adequate protein to stop the progression of sarcopenia and the associated risk factors. It is advisable to be active and take some form of resistance training per theĀ  Australians’ physical activity and exercise guidelines, combined with the N90 programme.