What to Expect on your N90 Journey?

This stage might be a complete lifestyle change for some people that have never eaten low-human interference food. Others may find that the transition is relatively easy. And that eating this way is not an issue.

It starts with you going through your cupboards and getting rid of all the foods with any numbers, chemical labels, or words you need clarification on or understand what they mean. N90 firmly believes that foods with such labelling will negatively impact your gut health and overall well-being.

Your journey starts by eating foods you’ve probably never eaten before, in such quantities or in that specific order. You may begin to feel that you have a minor headache, your vision may become blurry, or your energy levels may change, and you initially feel sluggish. Some might find that there a little bit gassy, or they may even have a small amount of constipation.

Others will find themselves bouncing off the walls, feeling fantastic and excited to transition into a healthier version of themselves. Everybody is different. Everybody will respond in their way. But more importantly, everyone will be heading in the same direction to improve their health and well-being.

Those with minor issues understand that is a normal reaction and that these physical aspects will only last briefly as you optimise your body into a healthier version of yourself.

This programme is about creating change, doing something completely different that ultimately drives you toward excellent health, longevity and well-being.

What to expect on the N90 programme.