Unlocking the Secrets of Whole Food Nutrition with Craig Harper

Dive into a lively conversation with the renowned Craig Harper, where we delve into the fascinating world of a whole food diet. Our chat is filled with candid insights, occasional colourful language, and a sprinkle of humour as we navigate the complexities of nutrition.

Craig and I share a long-standing friendship that dates back almost three decades, starting when I began my journey as a personal trainer at his fitness studio. Our shared experiences and mutual passion for health and wellbeing set the stage for an engaging two-part episode covering various topics.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Rethinking Nutrition: Discover how to unlearn outdated nutrition beliefs and embrace a fresh perspective on nourishing your body.
  2. Navigating Dietary Choices: Navigate the intricate maze of choosing the proper diet for weight loss and muscle gain unique to your needs and lifestyle.
  3. Emotional eating Unveiled: Explore the complexities of emotional eating and learn strategies for cultivating a healthier relationship with food.
  4. Carbohydrates Unveiled: Explore the roles of carbohydrates in our diet and debunk common misconceptions surrounding their consumption.
  5. The Truth About Sugar: Challenge the stigma around sugar, understand that sugar is good for you, and uncover the benefits of incorporating it into a balanced diet.
  6. The Power of Healthy Fats: Learn the difference between good fats and fat fats. 
  7. Reclaiming Salt and Gluten: Discover why it’s okay to include salt in moderation and how gluten can be a part of a healthy diet for many individuals.
  8. Coffee and Your Body: Learn about coffee and its effects on your body, from its potential benefits to considerations for mindful consumption.


So, grab a glass of water, find a comfy spot, and tune in to this insightful conversation that promises to challenge your nutrition beliefs, inspire healthier choices, and leave you with practical tips for nourishing your body and soul. Enjoy!

Food and You (Parts 1 and 2) with Craig Harper

Perry Venakis has been working with humans and their bodies for more than two decades, helping his clients optimise their genetic potential, create their best health state, exercise intelligently, achieve their competitive (and non-competitive) goals, eat optimally and of course, function well and feel awesome. Apart from being an elite Trainer with vast experience and a Coach who preps people to get on stage and flex, Perry also has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, so for this episode of TYP (parts 1 and 2), we dive down the rabbit hole that is… food. And you. Enjoy.

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