Why is breakfast so important on N90?

Sarcopenia is a condition that faces many as we age, and this is simply the loss of muscle mass. Protein intake plays a vital role in preventing or reversing the effects of sarcopenia. N90 s research has shown that eating optimal amounts of protein with every meal and the total amount consumed per day assists in preventing this debilitating disease.

If you try and eat your daily protein intake in one meal, you will not get the benefits of having a consistent slow release of protein throughout the day, which is needed to negate the impact of sarcopenia.

An optimal amount of protein is required in each meal to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Your N90 plan is custom-built for you and supplies the correct dosage of protein per meal per day based on your individual needs. For this to happen, you must eat breakfast which includes your first and most crucial dose of protein for the day.