Why is sleep so important for fat loss?

We all know how great you feel in the morning after a long and peaceful sleep. Your circadian rhythm is thrown out of whack when your sleep is disrupted due to external factors such as coffee or staying up watching tv, and then you try to get up in your regular time slot.

This sleep disruption and change in circadian rhythm directly impact certain hormones and those that affect appetite. Much research shows that those who sleep for 6 hours or less have elevated hunger levels throughout the day and will select energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods. This increase in energy intake leads to weight gain and usually in the form of fat.

Other studies have shown that those on a calorie-deficit diet with less than an optimal sleep time lost less fat overnight than those who slept for 8 hours.

N90 strongly recommends that you set up your evening protocol to ensure your sleep hygiene procedures all lead to an excellent 8-hour sleep.