The ABC of counting calories

Counting calories can be confusing as there is varying information detailing what methodology to use, which app to use and where to obtain the nutritional information. N90 takes all this away, as your calories are individually calculated from the scientific formula embedded in the website. The data you enter will alter the base structure of […]

Why do we need to do a blood test?

Some so many people have not had a blood test in years. The idea of not knowing what is happening inside your body is like driving a car for years and never checking under the bonnet to see if your washer bottle needs water or your engine oil is low. No attention to your vehicle […]

 From dinner to breakfast, is this enough time to fast?

Time-restricted eating (TRE) has been discussed amongst many health professionals. There have been various positive health implications, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing visceral fat ( the bad stuff around your organs) from following these guidelines. How long we should be eating and how long we should be fasting before the next meal has […]

Breakfast, breaking the fast

N90 recommends eating breakfast. The time of day is not critical, but it is recommended that you have it early enough to spread out your meals throughout the day evenly, which will fit into your lifestyle. Eating in such a manner will allow a consistent intake of nutrients, especially protein, throughout the day. Eating breakfast […]

What is skinny fat? And is it bad for you?

‘Skinny fat’ refers to a person that does not have much muscle but has a more significant amount of fat for their body shape. They do not look large, but there is no muscle tone or density. The scientific interpretation of this is known as sarcopenic obesity. As we age, we tend to increase fat […]

Why is breakfast so important on N90?

Sarcopenia is a condition that faces many as we age, and this is simply the loss of muscle mass. Protein intake plays a vital role in preventing or reversing the effects of sarcopenia. N90 s research has shown that eating optimal amounts of protein with every meal and the total amount consumed per day assists […]


N90’s preferred method of cooking vegetables is by steaming. INGREDIENTS N90’s list of vegetables INGREDIENTS KEY POINTS Don’t overcook your vegetables. Keep them crispy. If you are doing vegetables that require different cooking times, add the longer cooking ones first, then carefully add the faster ones after a few minutes of steaming. ADDITIONAL FLAVOURING Drizzle […]

Oven Baked Recipes (Proteins)

RED MEAT (STEAK) INSTRUCTIONS – THIN STEAK INSTRUCTIONS – THICK STEAK ADDITIONAL FLAVOURING Pepper Oregano Smokey paprika  Herbs of your choice CHICKEN (BREAST) INSTRUCTIONS ADDITIONAL FLAVOURING When marinating with salt and pepper, add paprika and dried basil. Thyme Rosemary  Oregano  COLOURED FLESH FISH INSTRUCTIONS ADDITIONAL FLAVOURING Lemon juice  Fresh chopped parsley  Herbs of your choice […]

What to Expect on your N90 Journey?

This stage might be a complete lifestyle change for some people that have never eaten low-human interference food. Others may find that the transition is relatively easy. And that eating this way is not an issue. It starts with you going through your cupboards and getting rid of all the foods with any numbers, chemical […]

Grill & BBQ Recipes (Protein)

RED MEAT INSTRUCTIONS ADDITIONAL FLAVOURING Coat the meat with oregano or/and smokey paprika. CHICKEN INSTRUCTIONS ADDITIONAL FLAVOURING Add either or all of the following herbs, thyme, oregano, rosemary and paprika. FISH (Note different fish may require other methods to grill. This cooking style is the primary method) INSTRUCTIONS ADDITIONAL FLAVOURING Sprinkle salt and pepper  Lemon […]